DOBLE LP. GTRRC – Vol. 3 – Good Times RnR Compilation. VARIOS

Lista de pistas

A1 –The Satanic Togas Tits On The Beach
A2 –M.A.Z.E. (2) Teenagers
A3 –Real People (8) Enough About Human Rights
A4 –Prison Affair On And On
A5 –Pensioner (2) Pressure
A6 –Belly Jelly Goin Up The Country
A7 –The AC Connection Livin After Midnight
A8 –Research Reactor Corporation What The Fuck
A9 –Steröid Rockin In The Free World
A10 –1-800-MIKEY 99 Red Balloons
A11 –Fried Egg Land Of The Brave
A12 –Straight Arrows Carpe Diem
A13 –Snooper (3) Come Together
B1 –The Archaeas City Kids
B2 –C.O.F.F.I.N Super Stupid
B3 –Erik Nervous I’ll Be Mellow When I’m Dead
B4 –Part Time Filth Dont WannaBe A Fat Boy
B5 –Denim Fist Million Dollar Riff
B6 –Sistema De Entretenimiento Un Hombre Solo
B7 –D.D. Deth Mad Butcher
B8 –Landlords (12) 1-2-X-U
B9 –Billiam (2) Face Cover Face
C1 –Spodee Boy Hell To Pay
C2 –Dangus Tarkus Space Truckin
C3 –Set-Top Box More Suicides Please
C4 –Buck Biloxi And The Fucks Interzone
C5 –Gee Tee (2) Roll Over Beethoven
C6 –The Cavemen (8) Telepathic Love
C7 –Mutant Strain Strange Notes
C8 –Prison Affair Black Diamond
C9 –Trampoline Team Slash Yer Face
C10 –The Gobs World Up My Ass
C11 –Tube Alloys (2) Breakdown
C13 –Liquid Face 122 Hours Of Fear
D1 –Engine IX Mississippi Queen
D2 –Connie Voltaire Liquids
D3 –Floyd Hemorrhoid Neat Neat Neat
D4 –Teenage Cenobite No Tears
D5 –Spinal Crap Nice Boys
D6 –Bipolar (16) Wap
D7 –Science Man Sharp Dressed Man
D8 –Ghoulies (2) Live Fast Die Young
D9 –Michael He-Man Strutter
D10 –Roach Fever Melvin
D11 –Nick Normal (3) Thorn In My Side


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