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LP Doble Discography 1985-1987. SKEEZICKS


Lista de pistas

A1 Get Straight
A2 Slam Brigade
A3 Nazi-Youth
A4 Stay Aware
A5 Sauerkrauts
A6 Trapped In Labels
A7 Join Our Crew
A8 Nothing Lasts Forever
A9 Fast/Loud
A10 Growing Up
B1 Selling Out
B2 H.M. Sucks
B3 Lee Got V.D.
B4 Consequences
B5 What You Are
B6 Seasick
B7 We Are Skeezicks
B8 No Second Chance
B9 Blast Away
B10 Stupid Questions
B11 Friendship
B12 Livin’ On The Country
B13 Charlie Brown
C1 Slambrigade
C2 Trapped In Labels
C3 Suicide
C4 Don’t Tell Me (FAITH cover)
C5 Blast Away
C6 We Are Skeezicks
C7 Drops Of Domorrow (THE VIBRATORS cover)
C8 Margo Is A Jerk
C9 Nothing
C10 Suicide
C11 Don’t Tell Me (Chaos Version) (FAITH cover)
C12 Livin’ On The Country
C13 Don’t Tell Me (FAITH cover)
D1 We Are Skeezicks
D2 Margo Is A Jerk
D3 Nothing (NEGATIVE APPROACH cover)
D4 Suicide
D5 Livin’ On The Country
D6 Don’t Tell Me (FAITH cover)



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