LP Violent party years 1983-84 GAI

Lista de pistas:
A1 Damnation
A2 Anarchism & Destroy
A3 I Love You
A4 Knife Will Not Open Because Rust
A5 Control
A6 How Long Do You Give Me
A7 We Don’t Care
A8 Merciless Game
A9 Kill The Ruler
B1 Extermination
B2 Liar
B3 Pathetic Day
B4 Hate In The Memories
B5 Childlen. Thear Don’t Know The War
B6 Blood Spit Night
B7 戦争を知らない子どもたち
B8 Liar
B9 Kill The “Penis”
B10 Know
B11 Innocent
B12 Humans Ugly
B13 地獄に堕ちた天使の金玉
B14 Break
B15 Disarm


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