LP Who Killed Gumby?. SORE THROAT

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Side Hitler
A1 Unrelenting Terror
A2 Fear Factory
A3 S.S.A. Pt. 1
A4 Death Dust Extractor
A5 Legally Maimed
A6 Trenchfoot
A7 Fleshrot
A8 Rapist Die
A9 Stench Of Mass Genocide
A10 Fungacidal Tendencies
A11 Alcohol Abuse
A12 Possessed To Rollerskate
A13 Mosh Team
A14 Twat Eyes
A15 Holocaust
A16 Fuck War
A17 N-OI-Se
A18 I.C.I. Fuck Off And Die
A19 Communal Grave
A20 Satan’s Radish
A21 The End
Side Stalin
B Live In Cardiff 1988


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