CD Hangover Heartattack – A Tribute To Poison Idea. VARIOS

Lista de Títulos:
1 –Bonehouse Hangover Heartattack
2 –Barcode (6) Die On Your Knees
3 –Godnose A.A.
4 –Path Of Destruction Taken By Surprise
5 –Calibre 12 Allright
6 –Baffdecks Plastic Bomb
7 –Rat Bastards Laughing Boy
8 –Agrotoxico* Punish Me
9 –Paintbox Thorn In My Side
10 –Diavolo Rosso Lifestyles
11 –Blasting Process Gone For Good
12 –Kill Your Idols Made To Be Broken
13 –Bolzen Rich Get Richer
14 –Mata Ratos* A Verdade Portras De Tudo / Drain
15 –Toe To Toe Just To Get Away
16 –6000 Crazy Discontent
17 –Ratos De Porao* Pure Hate
18 –Wolfbrigade Say Goodbye
19 –The Hellcandidates* Getting The Fear
20 –Tear Of A Doll* Out Of The Picture


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