Doble LP Mine to kill Extended Version. RAW POWER

Lista de pistas:
Original Version
A1 You Want More
A2 Wasteland
A3 Make Or Break
A4 What Was
A5 Buried Alive
A6 You Are The Victim
B1 Mine To Kill
B2 Revenge
B3 Animals Wearing Uniforms
B4 The White Man’s Invasion
B5 Power Not Violence
B6 Raw Power 12
B7 Inside Me
B8 Zaff
Unreleased Recordings
C1 Mine To Kill
C2 The White Man’s Invasion
C3 No One’s Is Gonna Miss You
C4 Inside Me
C5 Power Not Violence
C6 Buried Alive
C7 Zaff
D1 On The Road The Fight Begins
D2 Wasteland
D3 Strike Out
D4 What Was
D5 Why Didn’t You Go Away
D6 You Want More


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Dimensions 31 × 1 × 31 cm


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