Japanese hardcore punk 1980-1989


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The 80s were a pivotal era for Japanese Hardcore punk, marked by a surge of influential bands that left an enduring impact on the genre. These bands not only contributed to the evolution of Hardcore punk worldwide but also played a significant role in shaping the DIY ethos and rebellious spirit of the scene. Their uncompromising music and unapologetic attitude, sprinkled with an inbreed naïveté and a heavy dose of teenage angst, continue, still today, to inspire generations of musicians and fans all around the globe. This book explores the bands that pioneered the Hardcore punk in the land of the Rising Sun. Some of them disappeared after a gig, some of them are still in business today. All of them contributed to enrich and to plant the seeds of nonconformism and individuality in a country where being unique and different was, and still is, something to deprecate. This book is dedicated to those young rebels. From the author of Italian Hardcore Punk 1980-1989 comes this new lavishly illustrated book with more than two hundreds Hardcore bands from the Japanese 80s enriched with exclusive interviews with Gudon, Zouo, Death Side and many other seminal bands of that era.


Judah Altamont


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21 de Octubre 2023

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