LP Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be. GG ALLIN

Lista de Títulos:

A1 Bored To Death
A2 Beat, Beat, Beat
A3 One Man Army
A4 Assface
A5 Pussy Summit Meeting
A6 Cheri Love Affair
A7 Automatic
A8 I Need Adventure
A9 Don’t Talk To Me
A10 Unpredictable
A11 1980’s Rock ‘N’ Roll
Death Side
B1 No Rule
B2 Fuck Up
B3 Up Against The Wall
B4 New York City Tonight
B5 Have A Merry Wanna
B6 In Need Adventure
B7 Junk Rock
B8 California Sun
B9 I Wanna Be Your Dog
B10 Blitzkrieg Bop


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