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LP Doble +CD+DVD Super Violence Hardcore 1984-1989. HUMAN GAS

Lista de Títulos:

Split 7″ With Stali Nism (1985)
A1 Question
A2 Poison
“Noice And Hardcore” 1st Demo (1986)
A3 Intro
A4 Break
A5 Question
A6 Crazy
A7 Human Gas
Tracks From “Street Punk In Obihiro” Compilation Tape (1986)
A8 Blood Rain
A9 Ugly
A10 Another Person
“Explosives” 2nd Demo (1986)
B1 野良猫
B2 Human Gas
B3 Poison
B4 Break
B5 Blood Rain
B6 Crazy
B7 Another Person
B8 Question
B9 Ugly
B10 Desperately
“Lackluster” 3rd Demo (1987)
C1 アドリブ3
C2 ラクルーステアー
C3 ライ トマインド
Extra Studio Tracks 1987
C4 Long Long Time A Go
C5 冬の沼
C6 アドリブ3 (Instrumental)
Studio Jam Session With Members Of Human Gas, Stali Nism, Middle Class (1987)
D1 Traitor (Stali Nism)
D2 Stalinism (Stali Nism)
D3 サル (The Stalin)
D4 Middle Class Freaks (The Star Club)
D5 World Peace (The Star Club)
D6 The Last Right (The Star Club)
D7 Radical Real Rock (The Star Club)
D8 Get The Glory (Laughin Nose)
D9 Hello New Punks (The Star Club)
D10 Blood Spit Night (Gai)
Extra Violence
Soundboard Live 1986
CD-1 野良猫
CD-2 Human Gas
CD-3 Poison
CD-4 Break
CD-5 Blood Rain
CD-6 Crazy
Different Live Recordings (Unknown Dates And Locations, 1986-87)
CD-7 Ugly
CD-8 Human Gas
CD-9 Desperately
CD-10 Break
CD-11 Blood Rain
CD-12 Another Person
CD-13 Question
“Explosives” Demo 1986 (Instrumental Version)
CD-14 野良猫
CD-15 Human Gas
CD-16 Poison
CD-17 Break
CD-18 Blood Rain
CD-19 Crazy
CD-20 Another Person
CD-21 Question
CD-22 Ugly
CD-23 Desperately
Live In Sapporo And Obihiro, 1987
Live At “Bessie Hall” Sapporo 1987/12/6
DVD-1 冬の沼
DVD-2 Break
DVD-3 Blood Rain
DVD-4 Question
DVD-5 Poison
DVD-6 ラクルーステアー
DVD-7 ライ トマインド
DVD-8 野良猫
DVD-9 Desperately
DVD-10 Ugly
Live At “Rocking Hall” Obohiro 1987/6/28
DVD-11 アドリブ3
DVD-12 Another Person
DVD-13 Question
DVD-14 Poison
DVD-15 Crazy
DVD-16 ラクルーステアー
DVD-17 野良猫
DVD-18 Break
DVD-19 Desperately
DVD-20 Ugly



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