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LP Doble. Still chained. DISAFFECT

Lista de Títulos:
A1 Storm Coming
A2 Fast Music Doesn’t Mean Violent Dancing
A3 A Plea For Peace
A4 Can’t See The Woods
A5 Humane Humans
A6 No End In Sight
A7 Narrow Minded Bigots
A8 The End
A9 Braindead
A10 Judge & Be Damned
B1 Home Of The Brave
B2 Solution Available
B3 A Taste Of Their Own Medicin
B4 Headfucked
B5 Craven Image
B6 State Worse Than Death
B7 The Last Giant
B8 Can’t See The Woods (Live)
C1 Sometimes
C2 Everythings’s Fine
C3 Warning
C4 Slow Death
C5 Chained To Morality
C6 Instrumental
C7 Internal Life
C8 Take It Back
C9 State Worse Than Death
D1 One Law For Them…
D2 …Another Law For Us!
D3 Final Strike
D4 The Man Who Cleaned The Bog
D5 New World Disorder
D6 Money From Greed
D7 You’ll Sue Who?
D8 If The Earth Dies,We Die
D9 New Faces, Same Old Shit



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