LP + CD We Will Thrash You!! 1984-86. X-CRETA

Lista de Títulos:
13 Recepten Voor Een Hersenbloeding (Demo 1984)
A1 Terrible Killers
A2 Fuck The Bouncers
A3 Why Do We Still Avoid The Fights
A4 Youth Of Today
A5 Police Is Just A Nazi Skinforce
A6 Fascisten
A7 Mean Woman Blues
A8 Anti-Social
A9 Übermenschen
A10 Millions Of Soldiers
A11 If You Want To Fuck, Fuck Yourself
A12 Politiek Is Stront
A13 Politiek Is Stront (Disco Versie)
We Will Thrash You (Demo 1985)
B1 We Will Thrash You
B2 Talks About Morality
B3 Glamour World
B4 The Wild One
Song From “Alle 55 Kort” Compilation Tape 1984
B5 Terrible Killers
Bonus Tracks From Practice October 1984 (Affligem, Belgium)
B6 We Will Thrash You
B7 Gammon And Spinach
B8 Big Willies
B9 Sperms Of Destruction
Rehearsal & Live 1985 – 1986 (Bonus CD)
Complete Practice October 1985 (Affligem, Belgium)
CD1 We Will Thrash You
CD2 Gammon And Spinach
CD3 Glamour World
CD4 Big Willies
CD5 Sperms Of Destruction
CD6 Millions Of Soldiers
CD7 Motorbreath
CD8 The Wild One
CD9 Humanity Insane
CD10 Talks About Morality
Live At De Marbel (Tielt, Belgium) 18/10/1986
CD11 Destructive Outfit
CD12 David Slays Goliath
CD13 Exaggerated
CD14 The Wild One
CD15 The Law Of Gravitation
CD16 Oblivion
CD17 X-Creta Banzai Mosh
CD18 Talks About Morality


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